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HP case HP Pavilion 14-CE0000 | HP pavilion laptop caps lock led blinks 3 times long and 2 times short | G7A-2G DA0G7AMB6D1 REV-D

HP branded model case studies, explain the case with photos or in a clear manner. so the other will be able to understand it. help each other.
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Jun 29, 2021
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HP Pavilion 14-CE0000
Hi all, the case is here the HP Pavilion 14-CE0000 is not showing display, and the Caps Lock key's LED blinks three times longer and two times shorter, then the problem could be the BIOS issue, if the BIOS reprogramming is not fixed the issues then then that should be the RAM issue, check the RAM replace with a good known RAM and try to power on, if not fixed then the RAM slots pins must be dry joints so the contacts to RAM is not proper, that might be the other cause of this kind of LED light error codes,

so dismantle the laptop take out the motherboard properly without any damage, and check the RAM slots pin, apply some good flux on the RAM slot's pins and apple some low melt solder and touch every pins and clean the board and then check it should come, before it gets display wait for 2 to 5 minutes, don't panic, don't make hurry.
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