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Jun 29, 2021
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Laptop motherboards are not fully produced by the Laptop manufacturing companies, like Sony, Samsung, Lenovo, Dell, HP, Asus, Gigabyte, Toshiba, Acer, Fujitsu, BenQ and more.

And some companies are there, they will produce for specific region only like Rover (Russia), Ordi (Baltic States) and Prestigio (Eastern Europe)

The companies like above order their need and technologies they want to add to their products line-up, according to their need and quality and technology the third party companies will design and produce the motherboards for their client.

For that there are few companies doing the motherboard designing works, the companies are Compal, Wistron, Quanta,Pegatron, Inventec, Mitac, Samsung, ASUS, Clevo, ECS and Foxconn etc.

ASUS and Samsung make laptops motherboards themselves and sell them.

Information about the real manufacturer and model of the laptop motherboards are very important to repair.
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